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    Creative Travel is proud to announce the arrival of its specialist Wildlife brand “JungleSutra Wildlife Journeys”.

    JungleSutra has been established to fill what we feel is a void in the Indian travel industry. Many are offering trips to wildlife reserves, but very few companies are offering complete wildlife experiences. JungleSutra is a team who will approach wildlife with a very different set of eyes. We will develop experiences and journeys that go beyond basic park visits. The objective is to also showcase the flora and fauna that is not yet explored by the traveler to India.

    Very few people know that Indian wildlife boasts of higher diversity as compared to other parts of the world. The Indian offering of wildlife sanctuaries hold some of the world’s finest wildlife stock. Yet today India doesn't feature prominently on the international wildlife tourism map. Everybody looks at India and thinks only of Tigers, but how many know about the lions in India, the Stripped Hyena, the Red Panda, the One Horned Rhinoceros or the Whale Sharks off the coast of India. There is so much India has to offer in animals, birds and flora and the surface has yet to be even scratched.

    A JungleSutra tour is aimed at the discerning traveler who is looking at exploring the exotic world of animals in luxury and style. Every Jungle Sutra itinerary is a complete, customized package that takes care of travelers needs from the moment of departure to return. Our trips are designed to capture the uniqueness of each region, its wildlife, flora and fauna. Each wildlife safari experience has its own identity, feel and character. Accommodation, activities, cuisines and services are detailed to meet the preferences and budgets of the traveler.

    JungleSutra will also have a very strong social initiative and will be engaging local communities and forest officials in activities that give back to the areas we visit.

    The Junglesutra team is being manned by experienced wildlife and operations professionals and has linkages across the Indian sub-continent providing a seamless network.

    Established in 1977, Creative Travel is today considered to be India’s largest private and family owned Destination Management Company. Backed by a team of over 145 professionals and a footprint covering all of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet, the company has earned a reputation for being amongst India's most quality conscious travel companies.

    Creative has set its self apart from its competitors by building into its programs activities that allow the traveler to experience the region up front and close. Elements of experiential travel are fast becoming a core philosophy of operations at Creative.