crafts workshop

India is like an enlarging ground where we get to witness innumerable scenes of culture, art and mother nature. The traditions and customs of India tend to produce so many activities that are visually stimulating India. India Crafts displays some exclusive pictures related to Indian art and crafts; traditions and customs and people. Just enjoy the mesmerizing art & craft and get to know the real face of India.

In India, art is a like an energy booster. It is a mystical force, which gives shape to the vision of the artist. It speaks volumes of the quickness and expertness of craftsmanship. For the artists these creations are not pulse less objects but full of life, carrying their passion and exactness. You can experience the variety, vibrancy and discreetness of traditional Indian art and crafts as there are a myriad of things in terms of gems of Indian stone work, metal work, jewelry, woodcrafts, leather work, carpets, pottery, paintings, textile and furniture.

Village visits and crafts workshops with Gond woodcarvers and local potters can be organized on prior request. Painting workshops with Gond painters and artisans can also be organized on prior request.